xCT is an important oncology target for multiple cancer types

AgilVax is developing antibody-based therapies to target cancers that overexpress xCT. A monoclonal antibody (xCT-mAb) was developed following the identification and characterization of antibodies produced from immunization with a virus-like particle (VLP) expressing a specific region of the xCT antiporter.

In preclinical testing, xCT-mAb has demonstrated great promise as a potential therapeutic candidate. xCT-mAb has been show to significantly inhibit tumor cell adhesion/spreading, reduce the uptake of cystine and increase intracellular reactive oxygen species, which is indicative of xCT inhibition.  Additionally, xCT-mAb demonstrates specific and high affinity binding and internalization to xCT positive tumors making it an ideal targeting mechanism to deliver a toxic payload via an antibody drug conjugate (xCT-mAb-ADC). In preclinical in vivo models, xCT-mAb-ADC was able to reduce primary tumor growth and increase survival.

To further expand on the utility of xCT-mAb, AgilVax is developing a targeted radiopharmaceutical (xCT-mAb-Rad) to allow for the precision delivery of radiation to cancer cells.  Radiopharmaceuticals are drugs that contain medical isotopes, which are unstable elements that emit radiation and can be used to diagnose and treat cancers.   The xCT-mAb will be conjugated to a medical isotope and therapeutic doses will be injected delivering targeted radiation to selectively target and kill xCT expressing tumors and cancer cells throughout the body while minimizing the effects on healthy tissues.