xCT is an important oncology target for multiple cancer types

AgilVax is developing a monoclonal antibody-based therapy (xCT-mAb) to target cancers that overexpress xCT. xCT-mAb was developed following the identification and characterization of antibodies produced from immunization with a virus-like particle (VLP) expressing a specific region of the xCT antiporter.

In preclinical testing xCT-mAb has demonstrated great promise as a potential therapeutic candidate. xCT-mAb has been show to repeatably and significantly inhibit spheroid adhesion/spreading, reduce the uptake of cystine and increase intracellular reactive oxygen species, which is indicative of xCT inhibition. In preclinical in vivo models, xCT-mAb was able to reduce primary tumor formation and the number of lung metastases. The reduction in tumor formation and lung metastases was improved when xCT-mAb was combined with chemotherapy.