Precision cytotoxic delivery

xCT-ADC is composed of a proprietary monoclonal antibody, that specifically targets the glutamate/cystine antiporter xCT, that has been linked to a potent cytotoxic payload. The xCT monoclonal antibody has been studied in several preclinical oncology models.  In preclinical evaluation AgilVax has conclusively demonstrated that the xCT-mAb binds xCT expressing cancer cells with high affinity, which alone has inhibitory effects on xCT function.

The creation of xCT-ADC has resulted in a precision cytotoxic delivery system to xCT expressing cancer cells. Due to low expression of xCT in normal tissues xCT-ADC is likely to achieve high lethality toward targeted cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. In preclinical testing xCT-ADC was shown to have potent, dose-dependent cytotoxicity against human colorectal cancer cells. In preclinical in vivo models xCT-ADC has been shown to significantly reduce primary tumor growth. xCT-ADC is undergoing extensive evaluation in multiple models to determine its breadth of efficacy and safety.   xCT-ADC represents a promising therapeutic candidate for the treatment of multiple metastatic cancers.