AX09 is an innovative antibody-based therapeutic that displays a specific portion of xCT and elicits a significant anti-xCT immune response.

AgilVax’s lead product, AX09, is initially being developed for treatment of metastatic breast cancer (MBC) to be used in combination with chemotherapy or with PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors.

xCT has known metabolic functions in normal and cancer cells where it plays a critical role in cellular defenses, detoxification, and intracellular balance. xCT overexpression occurs in several cancers leading to overarching metabolic changes that reprograms cells for tumor growth and survival. Cancer cells upregulate xCT as a mechanism of self-defense in response to many chemotherapeutic drugs and radiotherapies.

In preclinical breast cancer models AX09 impaired tumor growth and reduced metastatic progression with no observed toxicity.